EDgage Live

Coming December 3, 2020

Are you feeling like you’re in uncharted territory?

If building your school’s brand and working to attract and retain students wasn’t enough, you’re now likely having to contend with promoting new ways of learning and interaction that didn’t exist before. If you’re looking to connect with peers and learn how other higher education institutions are facing these uncertain times, then EDgage Live is a ‘must-attend’ event.


Join a select group of marketing experts on December 3, 2020 to talk about the “strange times” we’re in, and how to build new tactical approaches for the future.

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EDgage Live June 2020 Keynote

If you didn’t attend EDgage Live on June 3, 2020, you missed a great program featuring higher education CMOs and leaders who shared ideas for how marketers can and will have an ever-growing impact on the success of their schools. Watch keynote discussion with Dr. Terry Flannery, Policy Fellow, Center for University Excellence at American University led by Mark Potter, CEO, Conduit, Inc.

Sessions includeD:

11:00 am


Presented by Thayer Long, CEO, Association for PRINT Technologies

Dr. Terry Flannery, Policy Fellow, Center for University Excellence at American University

11:10 am

What lies ahead for higher ed?

A discussion with Dr. Terry Flannery, Policy Fellow, Center for University Excellence at American University led by Mark Potter, CEO, Conduit, Inc.

One of the leading university marketing professionals in the world, Terry Flannery, provides an “eyes wide open” look at the higher education landscape today and why the role of marketing has never been more critical. Despite significant challenges, she shares solid ideas on what university marketers and enrollment professionals can do to help their institutions thrive.


Dr. Terry Flannery has led some of the most successful brand campaigns in all of higher education, including the last 11 years as VP for Communication and a member of the executive team at American University (AU). While there, she was deeply involved in the development of two strategic plans, co-led the design phase of an initiative to Reimagine the Student Experience (RiSE), and co-led the development of the institution’s comprehensive Plan for Inclusive Excellence. Flannery was also instrumental in the development of AU’s first brand strategy, creating a cross-unit team that produced a groundbreaking, searchable, interactive website to demonstrate the value of an AU degree. These days, Flannery spends her time working in myriad capacities, including author, consultant and Policy Fellow at the Center for University Excellence at American University.


Mark Potter is the CEO of Conduit Inc., a content marketing organization, which produces a variety of publications and community building programs including CANVAS Magazine. In addition, Mark is the author of the book, “Egrets, Hockey Sticks, & Roller Skates.”

Dr. Ashley Prisant, President, Square Peg Solutions

12:00 pm

The New Normal: Choosing your pivot plan & the advantages of a comeback

Presented by Dr. Ashley Prisant, President, Square Peg Solutions

Does it seem like we’ll never get back to normal after a crisis such as this? In this session, join Dr. Ashley Prisant as she addresses the opportunity you have to make an impact on your organization TODAY using the 5-Piece Pivot Plan. Learn how to develop strategies that turn in to specific tactics to help you move your team forward.


Dr. Ashley Prisant spent five years in operations and finance, creating and managing the rapid-fire growth of Amazon.com. She has scaled large groups (over 1000 people in one week) and processes ($100K’s saved in months). She has been running her own consulting firm, Square Peg Solutions, focused on business & leadership optimization since 2015. Prior to Amazon, she was a Naval Officer and served in national and international assignments. Her first book, “Go Beyond the Job Description” can be found on Amazon, and her second, “Choose your Comeback Plan,” will be out in June 2020. She has expertise in rapidly increasing productivity, helping teams deliver results in a shorter amount of time with limited resources, and optimizing their leader’s skills to maximize engagement and the bottom line at the same time.

Jon Budington, CEO,
More Vang

12:40 pm

The Evolving Language of Belief: Why using the right words matters

Presented by Jon Budington, CEO, More Vang

Marketers are always searching for the next great technology to deliver their message. But how much time is spent evolving the language of the message itself? For example, over the past decade, the tone of our language has become more casual. This is an important consideration when developing messaging to potential students. In this presentation, we will discuss the ever changing nature of communications, and the relationship between technologies and the words we use to express our value.


Jon Budington knows change. He has seen Global Printing become More Vang. He’s transformed a small, local printing business into a creatively driven, design, technology, and marketing firm with a deep regional footprint. He’s evolved from fulfilling orders to offering solutions, helping a wide variety of businesses identify their brand and express themselves in big, bold, imaginative ways. He’s gone from offline to online and back again. He’s taken his cue from the writing on the wall and outlived many a dinosaur that refused to adapt. As CEO of More Vang, and with an abundance of curiosity, empathy and optimism, Jon is creating the future he wants for the company he loves. A future that embraces change as inevitable and filled with opportunity. There are some things he wouldn’t change, though. His love of sailing, photography and understanding the true power of words and language. And his wife, five children and home in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Nicholas Scibetta, CMO,
Stony Brook University

Chris Noah, CMO,
Indiana University
of Pennsylvania

Donna McLaren, CMO,
Roberts Wesleyan College

1:00 pm

Real World Insights from Three Higher Ed CMOs

A panel discussion featuring Nicholas Scibetta, CMO, Stony Brook University; Chris Noah, CMO, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; and Donna McLaren, CMO, Roberts Wesleyan College.

The position of CMO, a marketing leader with a seat at the table with other chief executives, is relatively new in many colleges and universities. In this session, three CMOs, all of whom brought their marketing chops to their schools from high-end agencies or large corporations, talk about the evolution of the CMO role and how they’ve seen marketing advance. It is just as important to build and maintain a strong brand in higher ed as it is in the corporate world.

Nicholas Scibetta, CMO, Stony Brook University

Nicholas Scibetta is Vice President for Marketing and Communications and the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Stony Brook University where he is responsible for the University’s overarching global communications, brand strategy, and visual identity. He oversees and manages marketing, strategic communications, media/public, and community relations, crisis and issues, content/publications, digital, social and advertising for all University entities, including Main Campus, Stony Brook Medicine, and the Stony Brook University Hospital System, Stony Brook Southampton and the Research and Development Park. As VP for Marketing and Communications, Nicholas reports to the President, is a member of the President’s Cabinet, University Council and the Medicine Senior Executive Team, and works closely with the other Vice Presidents, Deans and hospital CEOs.

Chris Noah, CMO, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Chris is currently the Chief Marketing Officer and a member of the President’s cabinet at IUP, where he is responsible for the strategic leadership and management of a university-wide marketing and communications division. Chris and his team developed a new brand platform and launched all new creative efforts last year designed to sharpen IUP’s brand image and showcase the amazing work of its faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Chris began his work in higher education in 2018, after a nearly 30-year advertising career developing communications strategies and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands, including Bank of America, ExxonMobil, Sony, Morgan Stanley and Citi. Throughout his career, Chris has been focused on uncovering key consumer insights that lead to differentiating strategic and creative solutions.

Donna McLaren, CMO, Roberts Wesleyan College

Donna McLaren leads Roberts Wesleyan College’s integrated marketing and manages the brand as the Associate Vice President of Brand & Marketing Communications and Chief Marketing Officer. Under her leadership the college re-branded and has won several Rochester PRism Awards for the college’s public relations programs. Prior to joining Roberts in 2012, McLaren was Director for Branding and Advertising for Kodak’s commercial printing business. In that role, she managed a worldwide team in the development and execution of B2B marketing communications. She has more than 20 years working in marketing, product launch and training in corporate America.

John Ingram, Top Consultant, Ingram Market Analytics

2:00 pm

Using Data to Light Up Your Brand

Presented by John Ingram, Top Consultant,
Ingram Market Analytics

To ignite your brand, you must first have fuel for your fire. Data can be the kindling and firewood that you need. John Ingram will tell you why data is key to your efforts, and show you how to obtain, analyze, use and present data, to create stories that light up your brand. He’ll give you practical survey tools that anyone can use, tips to increase your productivity without working harder, and insider secrets to working with your school’s data researchers. John is a nationally regarded expert in higher education data analytics, who discusses data in a way that anyone can understand.


John Ingram is the top consultant at Ingram Market Analytics, where dusty data is reborn as Action Analytics, ready to support decisions and actions for his non-profit and higher education clients. John founded his company after 30 years of working with data at colleges and universities. He is a highly regarded National Instructor for IPEDS with the Association of Institutional Research. John was also one of only 30 researchers nationwide selected for the 2019 NCES Data Institute.

Tom Moe, CEO, Daily Printing

2:30 pm

Getting Down to Tactics: Great ideas on marketing automation and data analytics

Presented by Tom Moe, CEO, Daily Printing

We’ve established that it’s as important for schools to build and maintain a strong brand as it is for big businesses. Automated multichannel marketing campaigns are a key tool to keeping your brand top-of-mind with potential students, parents, alumni, benefactors, and the community at large. Tom Moe shares his work in building automated marketing programs with many higher education institutions and he’ll share some great tactical advice in this session.


Tom Moe is known as a high-energy leader, whose big-picture thinking, collaborative style, and strategic approach drives Daily Printing to provide service and offerings that delight. From early roles as a technical researcher and a technical service quality engineer, Tom moved into Field Sales, calling on paper merchants and end-use customers throughout the US and Canada. He moved to Sales Management role at Unisource (now Veritiv), a distributor of paper and packaging serving the graphics community where he several roles with progressive responsibility ultimately becoming the Regional Marketing Manager in the North Central and Great Lakes markets. In 2006, he joined Daily Printing, Inc. as Vice President for Sales and Marketing and in 2015, he added the responsibility for strategically leading the day-to-day operations of the company as President.

Note: Panels and discussions moderated by Mark Potter, CEO, Conduit, Inc.

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